2010 Festival

2010 Winners

Dramatic Feature
“Chicago Overcoat”
Beverly Ridge Pictures, LLC
John Bosher and Philip Plowden, Producers
Brian Caunter, Director

International Feature
“Beyond the Fire”
Maeve Murphy, Director/Producer

Alternative Feature
“Asylum Seekers”
Cipher Productions
Rania Ajami, Director/Producer

Outstanding Ensemble Cast
Another Urban Riff Productions LLC
Eva Navon and Robyn Nielsen, Producers
Steven Tanenbaum, Director/Writer

The Bud Abbott Award for Feature Length Comedy
“Laid Off”
Justin Ryan , Producer
John Launchi, Director

“Ripe Strawberries”
The Entertainment Studio
James D. Pasternak and Jessica Scott Gray, Producers
E. Randahl Hoey, Director/Writer

Lou Costello Award for Comedy Short
Thomas Thomas Films
Andy Poyiadgi, Director/Writer

International Short
Alex Beier, Producer
Tom Bewilogua, Director/Writer

Family Short
“Slice of Pie”
Phantom Font Productions
Rick Hall, Writer
Tim Reischauer, Director

The Emanuel “Manny” Berlingo Award For Feature Length Documentary Filmmaking
“Rediscovering God In America II: Our Heritage”
David Bossie, Producer
Kevin Knoblock, Director
Newt and Callista Gingrich, Hosts

Short Documentary
“Polis Is This: Charles Olson and the Persistence of Place”
Henry Ferrini, Director/Producer

International Short Documentary
“One Day After the 10th”
Narges Abyar, Director/Writer

Family Documentary
Andy Milkis, Director

Cell Animation
“Horn Dog”
Biljana Labovic, Producer
Bill Plympton, Director

Short Animation CGI
“Pigeon Impossible”
Lucas Martell, Director

International Animation
“For A Fistful of Snow”
Julien Ezri, Director

Student Animation
“We Are All Here”
Yonghwa Choi, Director

Music Video
May Ling Lai, Producer
Scott Gabriel, Director

Music Video- International
“City of Noise”
Mitch Barany, Director

“Time for Breakfast”
Dolce Films
Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennett, Director/Producers

International Commercial (TIE)
“Hitachi Baku”
Kooki Motion Graphics
Tatsushi Momen, Director

Muska Productions
Bruno Mourral, Director/Producer

Broader Vision Award – Short
Inclusion Films
Tyler Norman, Director

“No Pity”
Drew Goldsmith, Director/Producer

Broader Vision Award -Feature
“Shooting Beauty”
George Kachadorian, Director/Producer

The Garden State Film Festival
would like to recognize films shot in the State of New Jersey
with the following winners in the “Home Grown Award” categories:

Home Grown Feature
“Motel Americana Volume II”
Christiana Productions
Joseph Christiana, William Bourassa, Jr. and Benjamin Valentine, Directors

Home Grown Short Drama
“Mourning on Charlotte Street”
Frank Calo, Director

Home Grown Documentary Short
“I’m Staying With My Boys”
Lightbearer Communications Co.
Jim Proser, Director

Home Grown Pilot
Sarit Catz, Writer/Producer
Ryan Wick, Director

Student Short, High School
“The Gates of Bill and Melinda”
Alexa Lavalle, Director

Student Short, Horror
“Night Shift”
Rob Chinery, Scott Chinery and Tommy Chinery, Director/Producers

Student PSA, High School
“Don’t Unplug the Arts”
Diana Lampiasi, Director

Student Music Video, Middle School
Purple Crayon Productions
Three Branches (of Government)
Michael Groves and Anthony Cusanelli, Director/Writers

Home Grown Student Short – College
Justin Ho, Director/Writer

Home Grown Student Documentary Short – College
“Minor Details”
Jenna Bush, Director

The Garden State Film Festival Movie Music Competition Winners:
“Cellophane Sky” 
Best Digital
Todd Giglio
Best Rock –(TIE)
Todd Giglio
“Give It Time”
Best Rock (Tie)
John Danaher
“Flower and Rain”
Best Pop
Thomas Jones
“Embraceable You”
Best Contemporary
Matthew Casey
Best Country Contemporary
Christine Havrilla

Garden State Screenplay Competition
Maurizio Marmorstein
“One Night in Asbury Park”

Audience Choice Award
“Mourning on Charlotte Street”
Frank Calo, Director

Honorary Chairperson: Howard C. Birdsall
The Beacon Award: Talia Shire
Wave of Excellence Award: Vincent Pastore
Lifetime Achievement: Philip Bosco
The Robert Pastorelli Rising Star Award for Acting: 
Ronnie Marmo