2014 Festival


Narrative Feature
“How to Make Movies at Home”
Hillport Maine Productions
Morgan Nichols, Director
Amy Dawn Palmo, Lisa Dowda and Morgan Nichols, Producers

International Narrative Feature
“How to Be Happy”
Brian O’Neill, Mark Gaster and Michael Rob Costine, Directors
David Brady and Richie Bolger, Producers

The Bud Abbott Award for Feature Length Comedy
“Farah Goes Bang”
Meera Menon, Director
Laura Goode, Erica Fishman and Danielle Firoozi, Producers

Alternative Feature
“Dar He: The Story of Emit Till”
Rob Underhill, Director/Producer

M. Carroll Raver Award for Cinematography
Rob Stewart, Cinematographer

Narrative Short
“A Poet Long Ago”
Bob Giraldi, Director
Amelia Dallis, Producer

“Of Teaching of Killer Whales Compassion”
Raphe Wolfgang, Director
Allison Vanore and Raphe Wolfgang, Producers

Lou Costello Award for Comedy Short
“Riff Raf”
Jeremy Weiss, Director
Heather West and Jeremy Weiss, Producers

International Narrative Short
Shubhashish Bhutiani, Director
Astha Dinghra, Joel Dunn, Sanjay Bhutiani and Shubhashish Bhutiani, Producers

International Comedy Short
“Mr. Bear”
Andres Rosende, Director
Chris Laszlo and George T. Kimmel IV, Producers

Emanuel “Manny” Berlingo Award for Feature Length Documentary
“The Human Experiment”
KTF Films
Dana Nachman and Don Hardy, Jr., Directors
Chelsea Matter, Dana Nachman and Don Hardy, Jr., Producers

“Zipper: Coney Island’s Last Wild Ride”
Amy Nicholson, Director/Producer

Feature Length Comedy Documentary
“Mortified Nation”
Michael Mayer, Director
David Nadelberg, Neil Katcher and Michael Mayer, Producers

Short Documentary
“Into the Light”
Mosquito Park Productions
Paul Pawlowski, Director/Producer

International Feature Documentary
“Free China: The Courage to Believe”
world2be productions
New Tang Dynasty Television
Michael Perlman, Director
Kean Wong and Michael Perlman, Producers

International Short Documentary
“Mona Lisa: Leonardo’s Earlier Version”
Rafael Feldman, Yan Feldman, Director/Producers

Animated Short
Tamara Hahn, Animator/Director/Producer

International Animated Short
(United Kingdom/Belgium)
Thomas G. Murphy, Director
Brent Wilkey, Producer
Hilere, Animator

James Stewart and Nev Bezaire, Directors
Kennedy Zielke and James Stewart, Producers
Chris Pounds, Ezra Waddell, Jeremy Murphy, Katherine MacDonald
Mike Decroock, Paul Walker and Philip Eddolls, Animators

Music Video
“Moving Out”
Guerilla Wanderers Films
Sean McCarthy, Director
Sean O’Hare, Producer

Narrative Short Comedy – College
(New York University)
Bruce X. Li, Director/Producer

Narrative Short Drama – College
“Cold Quiet”
(New York University)
Brian Stone, Director
Alyssa Amer, Producer

Narrative Short Period Piece – College
“Winter Rye”
(SUNY Purchase College)
Victoria DeMartin, Director
Cat Iacona, Producer

Animation – College
“The Ninety Nines”
(University of Colorado Denver Digital Animation Center)
Howard Cook, Director
Nicholas “Nico” Montano, Alex Maya, Ben Van Horne, Brian Spiese
Carlie Grubel, Chris Lemon, Danielle Daniels, Gary Ogden
Howard Cook, Jeremiah “Remy” Reynolds, Jessica May
Jonathan Rold, Joshua Shapiro, LeaTrisha Perkins
Maxwell Nelson, Paul Conner, Rachel Stone, Rex Privratsky
Russell Gotthoffer, Ryan Cutter, Sean Blair, Stephen Baker
Stephen Wike, Tom Hopper, Tripp Vroman, Animators

The Garden State Film Festival would like to recognize films shot in the State of New Jersey with the following winners in the “Home Grown Award” categories:

Home Grown Feature
“Two Pints Lighter”
Dynamatt Productions
Matt Lawrence, Director
Mike Lawrence, Matt Lawrence, Ryan Conrath and Scott Ballard, Producers

Home Grown Short
“Two Sides of Love”
624 Productions
Thomas Baldinger, Director/Producer

Home Grown Documentary Feature
Willowcreek Entertainment/Destressed Films LLC
Garry Pastore, Director
Fokke Baarssen and Garry Pastore, Producers

Home Grown Documentary Short
“Magic on Music Mountain”
GPC Productions LLC
Gary Cohen, Director
Paul Kaye and Gary Cohen, Producers

Home Grown Music Video
“After Life”
Red Hook Films
P.J. Bracco, Director

“Second Chance”
Tom Parr, Director/Producer

Home Grown Animation – Short
Brian Kaufman, Director/Animator

Home Grown Animation – Claymation
“Our Mechanical Future”
Jenina Podulka, Director/Animator

Home Grown Student Short – College
(Rutgers University)
Zack Morrison, Director
Christopher Pasi and Zack Morrison, Producers

Home Grown Student Animation – High School
“A Winter Tale”
Cicely Tyson High School of Performing and Fine Arts
Vincent Potuto, Advisor
Nagia Belton, Tysahn Jackson, Tatiana Crute
David Gymbrah and Kamari Moore, Animators

Home Grown Student Short – High School
(Ridgewood High School)
Hayes Walsh and Spencer Muhlstock, Director/Producers

Home Grown Trailer – High School
“Robert Johnson Blues”
(Charter Tech High School)
John Hicks, Director
David Roehm, Producer

Pick of the Flicks
Willowcreek Entertainment/Destressed Films LLC
Garry Pastore, Director
Fokke Baarssen and Garry Pastore, Producers

Broader Vision Award
The Possibility Project
“Know How”

The Garden State Film Festival Movie Music Competition Winners

Best Orchestration
“Missile Crisis”
Agora Productions
James Sale, Composer

Best Vocal Performance
“Peanut Butter”
Metakwon Records
Cole Bonner, Composer

Best Pop Sound Track
“4 Ever Fab”
Performed by: The Atomik Age Project
Phil Curcuru, Composer/Producer

Best Traditional Sound Track
“Lullaby for the Satos”
Fits & Starts Productions, LLC
Hector G. La Torre, Composer

Best Nostalgic Sound Track
“The Star of My Dreams
New Mercury Films
Garen Garson, Composer

Best Animation Sound Track
Instinct Media
Stelios Koupetoris, Composer

Best Alternative Soundtrack
Sharks (Dirty Little Stripclub)
Theresa Ciccone-composer

Best Country Rock Soundtrack
Rebel Pictures
David John, Composer

Garden State Screenplay Competition Winner


Wave of Excellence Award
Bebe Neuwirth

Independent Spirit Award
Laura Dern

Spirit of New Jersey
Scott Neustadter

Lifetime Achievement Award for Acting and Education
Franklin Ojeda Smith

Impact Award for Promoting Business & Arts Alliance in New Jersey
Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno

The Robert Pastorelli Rising Star Award for Acting
Paul Castro Jr.