2015 Winners

The Garden State Film Festival

2015 Winners

Narrative Feature


Turnpike Pictures

Adam Dietrich and Suzanne Weinert, Producers

Porter Farrell, Director

Musical Feature

“Waiting in the Wings: The Musical”

JJ Spotlight Productions, LLC

Nancy Criss, Producer

Jenn Page, Director

International Narrative Feature

“Were Dang Min”

(Germany, France, Turkey)

EZ Films

Elie Meirovitz and Huseyin Karabey, Producers

Huseyin Karabey, Director

Carroll Raver Award for Cinematography

“As the Crow Files”

Daniel Satinoff

The Bud Abbott Award for Feature Length Comedy

“Nowhere Girl”

Justin Workman, Producer

Jed Rigney, Director

Narrative Short

“One Armed Man”

Bruno Michels, Hallie Foote and Tim Guinee, Producers

Philip Seymour Hoffman, Executive Producer

Tim Guinee, Director

Lou Costello Award for Comedy Short

“Oh Crappy Day”

Dagtype Films, LLC

Steven P. Neilson, Producer

Jon Lance Bacon, Director

International Narrative Short

“The Man who Fed His Shadow”


Mario Garefo, Producer/Director

“The Girl and the Gondola”

(Italy, United Kingdom)

Mad Cat Films Ltd

Rob Speranza and Abbe Robinson, Producers

Abbe Robinson, Writer/Director

Emanuel “Manny” Berlingo Award for
Best Feature Length Documentary

“The Millionaires Unit – U.S. Naval Aviators in the First World War”

Humanus Documentary Films Foundation

Darroch Greer and Ron King, Producer/Directors

Short Documentary

“My Friend Ed”

Sharon Baker, Producer/Director

International Feature Documentary

“Oro Macht Frei” (“Gold Will Set You Free”) (Italy/USA)

Ottimo Films, LLC/ Jacklight Productions

Catherine Campbell, Producer

Jeffrey Bonna, Director

International Short Documentary

“De Jeweetwels” (The You-Know-Who)


Cosmic Visuals

Fokke Baarssen, Producer/Director

Animated Short

“I Need My Monster”

University of Colorado Denver Digital Animation Center

Class of 2014

Howard Cook, Animator/Producer

Stephen Baker and Howard Cook, Directors


“The Looking Planet”

Eric Law Anderson and Anne M. Uemura, Producers

Eric Law Anderson, Director

Eric Law Anderson, Sara Smilnak, Shelbi Caudill and John Sasser, Animators

International Animated Short

 “Junk Girl”


Mohammad Zare, Animator/Director

Comedy Music Video

“Sour Goat Sock Puppet Party”

Adam Chinoy and Milan Lazistan, Producers

Adam Chinoy, Director

Music Video

“Hold Tight”

Will Raver, Producer/Director

Animated Music Video

“All of the People”


JC Pratt, Producer/Director

Mark Simon, Jason Campbell, Jon Lamb, Kelly Hay, Neven Nosle, Patricia A. Proulx, and Spencer Wan, Animators

International Music Video


(United Kingdom)

Donna Mabey, Producer

Mariana Conde, Director

Narrative Short – College


Dima Otvertchenko, Producer/Director

Documentary Short – College

“A Portrait of Abuse”

(Vassar College)

Maggie Brelis, Producer

Nick Chianese, Director

International Narrative Short – College

“Agua Blanca”


Alina Montero, Producer/Director


“A Knock at the Door”

Siobhan Caragine, Producer

Christopher Caragine, Director

The Garden State Film Festival would like to recognize films shot in the State of New Jersey with the following winners in the “Home Grown Award” categories:

Home Grown Feature

“Chasing Yesterday”

Courtney Baxter and Eric Nelsen, Producers

Joseph Pernice, Director

Home Grown Short

“The Sound of Your Voice”

NJ Film School, Producer

Kelley L Allen, Director

Home Grown Comedy Short

“The Door Walker”

The Parks Brothers Pictures

Brian Parks, Producer/Director

“You’ll Go Far”

Steve Nenni and Noah Sterling, Producers

Noah Sterling, Director

Home Grown Documentary Feature

“Shored Up”

Ben Kalina, Producer/Director

Home Grown Documentary Short

“The Champion”

Sirk Productions

Marc Perez, Producer/Director

“Being George”

The Star-Ledger

Bumper DeJesus, Producer

Adya Beasley & Nyier Abdou, Directors

“Beyond the Castle”


Bill Horin, Producer

Frank Weiss, Director

Home Grown Music Video


Tom Parr, Producer/Director

Home Grown Animation

“Making Friends”

Kyle Mumford, Animator

Home Grown Student Short – College

“Roundtable Discussions”

Montclair State University

Stephen Bodossian, Producer/Writer

Stephen Bodossian and Francesca Moran, Directors

Home Grown Student Music Video – College

“Real to Me”

Monmouth University

Ian Culley, Producer/Director

Home Grown Student Animation – High School

“Warm Wishes” 410

(Communications H.S.)

Isabella Olaguera, Animator

Home Grown Student Documentary Short – High School

“A Teens Guide to Understanding and Communicating with People with Autism”

(Westfield High School)

Michael Jackman, Producer

Alexandra Jackman, Director/Writer

Home Grown Student Short – High School

“Dinner” 017

Spencer Muhlstock, Director/Writer

Broader Vision

Sara & Sam Schoffer Holocaust Resource Center
Of Richard Stockton University of New Jersey

The Garden State Film Festival
Movie Music Competition Winners

Best Song: Home Grown

Title of Song: Behind the Scenes

Performed by: Alexa Rae

Composer: Alexa Rae Gallagher

Best Song from a Feature Film (Tie)

“Where Are You Now”

Performed by – Kim Armstrong

Composer: William Michael Barbee

Prestige Records

“Sun of a Witch (Hail to The)”

Performed by: Aya Njeim feat Anthony K

Composer: Anthony Khoury

Best Pop Song

“Love Junkie”

Performed by: Spencer Broschard & Dean Dichoso

Composer: Dima Otvertchenko

Best Orchestration

“Monsieur Noir”

Performed by: Robert Neumair and Bozenbrass

Composer: Robert Neumair

Best International Instrumental

“White Lock Theme”

MAD Resilience Films

Composer: Iain Gardner

Best Short Animation Soundtrack


Performed by: Stefan K

Composer: Stefan Kristinkov

Best American Folk Roots

“Pie Equals Love”

(Pie Lady Of Pie Town Theme Song)

Performed by Bottle Rocket Cabaret

Composers:  John Latini and Jamie-Sue Seal

Best Orchestral Theme

“Stones from the Desert”

Performed by: Film orchestra Babelsberg & LA- Music

Composer: Lidia Kalendareva & Alin Cristian Oprea

Garden State Screenplay Competition Winner



Jeff Sussman

The Rising Star Award for Acting

Quinn Shephard

Pic of The Flicks

Artists Alike : The Path To Our Purpose



MVP Award

Ed Asner


Lifetime Achievement

Armand Assante


Independent Spirit

James Wilder


Wave of Excellence

Eric Roberts


Impact Award

Deborah Frank


Spirit of New Jersey

Siobhan Fallon Hogan