2017 Festival Winners

Narrative Feature

The Journey is the Destination
Martin Katz, Producer
Bronwen Hughes, Director

International Narrative Feature

Es lebe der Tod (“Long Live Death”) (Germany)
Nathalie Mischel, Producer
Sebastian Marka, Director

Family Feature

The Last Man Club
Linda Pandolph, Producer
Bo Brinkman, Director

M. Carroll Raver Award for Cinematography

Giulio Biccari
The Journey is the Destination

The Bud Abbott Award for Feature Length Comedy

Good Bones
Charles Johnston, Gregory Pace and Tim Bohn, Producers
Tim Bohn, Director

International Feature Length Comedy

Oltre la Linea Gialla (Beyond the Yellow Line) (Italy)
Associazione Culturale Moscacieca, Producer
Andrea Cacciavillani, Tonino di Ciocco, Directors

Horror Feature

The Night Watchmen
Jeffrey Allard and Demetrea Triantafillides, Producers
Mitchell Altieri, Director

Narrative Short

Catching Fireflies
Lee Whittaker, Producer/Director

Lou Costello Award for Comedy Short

Alejandro Montoya Marin and Ariel Rakes, Producers
Alejandro Montoya Marin, Director
International Narrative Short
Volti (Italy)
Antonio De Palo, Producer/Director

International Comedy Short

The Perfect Day (Spain)
Ignacio Redondo, Producer/Director

Emanuel “Manny” Berlingo Award for Best Feature Length Documentary

The Samaritan
Scott Buzzell, Lynn McAfee, Patrick Ingram and Dave Hanon, Producers
Kevin McAfee, Director

Feature Length Documentary – Legendary Film Pioneer Award

Pamela Tom and Gwen Wynne, Producers
Pamela Tom, Director

Feature Length Documentary – Social Equality Award

The Lavender Scare
Josh Howard, Producer/Director

International Feature Documentary

Breaking Boundaries
Dan Flanagan, Producer
Leen Tangney, Director

International Short Documentary

Soy Cubana (Cuba)
Robin Miller Ungar, Producer
Jeremy Ungar and Ivaylo Getov, Directors

Animated Short

Annalisa Torrina, Lauren Ellis and Mark Vashro, Producers
Dmitry Milkin, Director

International Animated Short

Money Time (France)
Foret Bleue, H5 and Movie Da, Producers
Ludovic Houplain, Director


The Suit
Dave Conte, Producer/Director

Music Video

Try A Little Tenderness
Dvir Assouline and Roy Wol, Producers
Roy Wol, Director
The Power of One
Peter Frintrup, Producer
Robert Caro, Director

Narrative Short – College

Fanny Pack (USC)
Isabel Marden, Producer
Uttera Singh, Director

Musical Short

The Ghosts of Ethan Dean (NY Film Academy)
Jonathan Michael Weber, Sean Robinson and Chad Larabee, Producers
Chad Larabee, Director

Narrative Short – High School

The Best Laid Plans (D.C.)
Avi Abrams, Director

High School International Collaboration

Matt King (Middletown South High School)
Goodspeed Ko (China)
Griffin Nagel and Adrian Gibbons (California)

The Garden State Film Festival would like to recognize films shot in the State of New Jersey with the following winners in the “Home Grown Award” categories:

Home Grown Feature

The Dunning Man
Kevin Fortuna, Producer
Michael Clayton, Director

Home Grown Short

The Cabinet in the Woods
Bob Klein and Andrew Schwarz, Producers
Andrew Schwarz, Director

Home Grown Comedy Short

Knights of New Jersey
Michael Hadley, Director

Home Grown Documentary Feature

Paterson and Its People
Vincent N. Parrillo and Jaroslaw Ziaja, Producers
Vincent N. Parrillo, Director

Home Grown Documentary Short – New Jersey History

Destination Past: Highland Beach
Chris Brenner, Producer/Director

Home Grown Documentary Short – Social Equality

Love Wins
Robin Kampf, Producer/Director

Home Grown Music Video

Kostas Lymperopoulos, Producer/Director

Home Grown Commercial

Gravity Training
Peter Normandia, Director

Home Grown Student Short – College

Tweentysomething (NYU-Tisch)
Evan Metzold, Producer
Avital Siegel, Director

Home Grown Student Documentary Short – High School

Winging It
Kera McGovern & Emily McNeil (Communications High School) 

Home Grown Student PSA – High School

Vote by Mail
Olivia Malesco (Communications High School)

Home Grown Student Music Video – High School

Cassie Passantino (Communications High School)

Broader Vision

PEI Kids/Seven13films

The Garden State Film Festival Movie Music Competition Winners

Best Orchestral End Theme

Title: Narcan (End Scene)
Performed by:  Michael Edwards
Composer:  Michael Edwards

Best Pop Song from a Feature

Title: We Are Waiting
Performed by: Alyssa Lee Lewis
Composer: Paul Lewis & Michel Grey 

Best Rock Song

Title: Cracked House
Performed by: Jon Cells
Composer: John Neulinger

Best Score from a Short Drama

Title: Mind Over Murder
Performed by: Bryson Kemp
Composer: Bryson Kemp

Best R&B/Soul Song

Title: Hey Hey Sister
Performed by: Fall Risk
Composer: Alex Mebane

Best Vocal Song from an International Short Film

Title: Don’t Show You Cried
Performed by: Belen Vivero
Composer: Belen Vivero

Best Dramatic Orchestral Theme

Title: Souvenir
Performed by: Evvie Halpert, Augusto Diemecke, Alejandra Diemecke, and Jacquelyn Timberlake
Composer: Masa Gibson

Best Melodic Theme

Title : Main Theme from “A Hope for Hartly”
Performed by: Brian Katona
Composer: Brian Katona

Best Score For A Documentary

Title: Gold Balls – Grass Courts
Performed by: Catherine Grealish, Sarah Perlman, Karin Choo, Mishkar Nunez-Mejia, Gay Dexter, Annie Roberts, Pierre Derycz, Michael David Marcus, Terri Cole, Richard Reed, Adrian Witherspoon, Vince Green.
Composer: Catherine Grealish

Best International Instrumental

Title : For Her – Original Score
Composer: Jarkko Hietanen

Garden State Screenplay Competition Winner

RJ Lewis & Pamela Wess


Honorary Chair

Scott Cronick

Lifetime Achievement

Sally Jessy Raphael

Beacon Award

Brian Dennehy

Excellence in Animation

Laika Studios

Spirit of New Jersey

Richard Kind

Wave of Excellence

Chance Kelly


Kim Waltrip

Broader Vision Award

PEI kids/ seven13 films

The Garden State Film Festival Rising Star Award

Camrous Johnson

Pick of the Flicks

One Penny
Michael Devita- Director