2018 Call For Entries

2018 Call for Entries July 1- December 1, 2017!

Film, Screenplay and Movie Music competitions will be announced shortly.


YOU MUST CHECK ALL of the INFORMATION you are submitting into the system because ALL OF THAT information GOES RIGHT INTO OUR SYSTEM.

Please double check everything & make sure you enter any notable actors, other producer(s), director(s), Cast, Poster art, contact information, etc. 



IT is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to communicate with your crew IF your film was selected and if it was selected the details of your screening.


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Film Entries
Screenplay Competition
Movie Music Competition

Film Entries







July 15th – Early Deadline – Best Discount
October 15th – Deadline
November 15th – Late Deadline
FINAL Deadline is December 1

Please follow the WAB and FF  instructions carefully and send to the address provided.


Screenplay Competition

We will start accepting screenplay entries for our next festival.

FINAL Deadline is November 15, 2017

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Announcing the

GSFF Movie Music Competition


This is the first competition of this kind in Film Festival History. Submit any original movie music from an independent film and it will be judged by music professionals with awards in multiple categories. Please submit a CD of any original music track (one entry/one track per CD please!) from any of the film categories (please specify what category the film falls under -Documentary, Feature, Animation, etc. – but do NOT send us the actual film! We want the music to stand on its own merit!).

Please mark the outside of the package MUSIC COMPETITION with the Tracking ID. If you have any questions please contact us DIRECTLY at info@gsff.org or 877-908-7050 – do NOT contact Film Freeway or Withoutabox Customer Support about this particular category. We are happy to answer any and all of your questions!

**IMPORTANT: WAB will kick your entry out unless the title of this project is different than the film if it was entered as well. For instance please change the name of the song to ” Blahdeblah the Music Track” if the film “Blahdeblah” was also entered.

FINAL Deadline is December 1, 2017

***Still confused about this category???

The idea behind this category was, we noticed so many indie films have great music tracks, but the film isn’t always wonderful. Think Doctor Zhivago..and you immediately hear “Lara’s Theme”..but can’t remember anything about the movie but a whole lot of snow.. We are looking for tracks that stand on their own..just like “Lara’s Theme”…not necessarily a series of sound effects if you catch our drift (no pun intended!!). So if you know of a piece of music like that, we hope you will submit! Winners are announced prior to the festival and are played before and after each screening event.


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