Answers to Your Questions

Frequently asked questions and answers.

Q. Do I get any free tickets to my screening?

A. Every film gets TWO filmmaker badges that act as weekend passes. That means complimentary access to ALL events EXCEPT the Black Tie Awards Banquet. Tickets for that can be purchased while they last on this website. YOU MUST tell Lauren Concar ( the names of the two people picking up the badges. Badges are picked up at HOSPITALITY during the event. You can see HERE where to find Hospitality each day.

Q. Is there a Q&A for filmmakers after their film?

A. Yes there is ample time for a Q&A after each film screening event. All Filmmakers will be invited up front after the entire block of films screen to answer questions and delight our audience.  Our screening block host will act as moderator.  In the event you run out of time and the audience wants more, you will be instructed to take it up at the filmmakers lounge.

Q. I just found out about the Movie Music Competition, is it too late to enter?

A. Sadly it is too late for this year. Our winners are chosen and up on this website. The tracks will play between screenings at each venue for all to enjoy. Please consider entering your music any time after June 1 when our 2020 Call For Entries opens. Please read the instructions carefully. Good Luck!

Q. I won the Movie Music Category what do I get?

A. Congratulations. You get the same perks as the filmmakers whose films will screen. Two badges that act as weekend passes, invitation to the Filmmaker Breakfast and more. Please contact if you have further questions.

Q. My computer doesn’t have a disc drive can you burn a DVD for me?

A. The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. Here is the reason why and some suggestions of where you can send your file for help.  GSFF DVD and Blu Ray Policy

Q. Is there a place for me to put a poster at the event?

A. We are not allowed to put anything on the walls of our host venues. However, many filmmakers bring mounted posters and collapsible easels to place outside their venue before their screening and by the entrance to the cocktail party Friday night. Important: We are not allowed to stick anything on the walls.

You are welcome to bring mounted posters and easels but please note you must be responsible for your own items.

Q. There is no mention about a red carpet event. Will there be one? Are we permitted to bring our own crew and host to record one? Thanks for all your help.

A. There are two red carpet events at GSFF. The first one is our Friday Night Gala. All GSFF filmmakers walk the red carpet as do our celebrity honorees. The second is the Black Tie awards dinner Sunday night. As for your own crews..this must be cleared first with our Director of Operations Kristen Dirato



Q. How many postcard size fliers are suggested to send you and can you post any posters at the festival?

A. We recommend 500 post cards  as a good choice. They are really cheap at and other internet sources.
As for posters..if you mount one big one on foam core and bring an easel you can display it at the festival.

       *We are not allowed to stick anything on the walls.