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JACKIE ROBINSON: MY STORY is unlike anything that has ever been done on television before. The set is the Brooklyn Dodger clubhouse at historic Ebbets Field. Jackie “appears” in the clubhouse (think Field of Dreams) – he is in his prime, his early thirties – and in this setting tells the story of his remarkable life and career. As Jackie speaks, we often cut-away to classic footage and photos of the people and events he talks about. In this manner, you have all the powerful and dramatic impact inherent in the portrayal of a great man’s life, while at the same time having the historic value of often seeing – through the footage and photos – the exact events and people he refers to. This “First Person Docudrama” is a unique and extremely moving and powerful way to tell the story of an important and historic figure such as Jackie Robinson.
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Journey Of Hope - The Film
The true, moving and inspirational story of one man's "journey" (Joseph Leone Introna) to help the victims of the devastating and deadly earthquake in L'Aquila, Italy on April 6, 2009. It is a triumph of the human spirit
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Joe Lopez

Who Do You Think I am.

Clarence Clemons. In a country where noone knows his name.. In the midst of millions.. On the other side of the world..A portrait of a journey begins.



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