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Best Song from a Feature Documentary

Theme from Near Myth: The Oskar Knight Story

Performed by: Ted Reedy

Composer: Ted Reedy

Best Song from a Short Film

Bed of Shame

Performed by: Milan Lazistan III,  Anthony Krizan, and C.C. Coletti

Composer: Milan Lazistan III and Anthony Krizan

Best Pop Song

On The Edge of Something New

Performed by:Lindsay Lucas, Stephen Cullo

Composer: Jayne Critelli

Best Score by a Graduate Student


Performed by: Bryan Atkinson

Composer: Bryan Atkinson

Best Orchestral Theme

Cinderella, A Shadow Ballet

Performed by White Widow

Composed by Carla Patullo

Best International Instrumental

Frozen Desert
Performed by: Stefan Kristinkov
Composer: Stefan Kristinkov

Best International Track from a Short Film

Magic World (FRANCE)

Performed by: Julien Besins

Composer: Julien Besins

Best Roots

Lovers’ Hearts
Performed by: Thomas Wesley Stern
Composer: Thomas Wesley Stern

Best Closing Credits Theme

Right Words To Say

Performed by Charming Disaster

Composed by Jeff Morris and Ellia Bisker

Best Reggae Soundtrack

Leave Our Worries

Performed by: Serendipity

Composer: Chris Corley and Jon D’Agostino

Best Ethnic Score


Composer: David Radolovic

Performed by: Yoomi Kwon,Rob Palmay,Stephen Crespo, David Radolovic

Best Track From A Television Show

TSJ Project: Known Types

Performed by: Stefan Kristinkov

Composer: Stefan Kristinkov

Home Grown ( Produced in New Jersey)

Home Grown Best Song:

Stuck in the Belmar Bar

Performed By: Pat Roddy Band

Composer: Pat Roddy Band

Home Grown -Best Orchestration

Performed by: Jon Altino
Composer: Jon Altino

Home Grown- Best Track from a Short Film

Abigail’s Journey

Performed by: Andrew Schwarz

Composed by: Andrew Schwarz

Home Grown- Best Track from a Feature Film

In An Empty House

Performed by: Anthony V. Dominello

Composer: Anthony V. Dominello


GSFF is proud to be the first film festival to recognize the vast and varied achievements of musical composers, in the art of film making. Music sets its own backdrop, creates a mood, conveys attitude and emotion, re-enforces action and rounds out the complete vision of the film. Movies without music are as unnatural as movies without popcorn.

This is the first competition of this kind in Film Festival History. Submit any original movie music from an independent film and it will be judged by music professionals with awards in multiple categories. Please submit a CD of any original music track (one entry/one track per CD please!) from any of the film categories (please specify what category the film falls under -Documentary, Feature, Animation, etc. – but do NOT send us the actual film! We want the music to stand on its own merit!).

Please mark the outside of the package MUSIC COMPETITION with the WAB Tracking ID. If you have any questions please contact us DIRECTLY at or 877-908-7050 – do NOT contact Withoutabox Customer Support about this particular category. We are happy to answer any and all of your questions!

To submit your piece of original music from a film please go to

**HINT:WAB will kick your entry out unless the title of this project is different than the film if it was entered as well. For instance please change the name of the song to ” Blahdeblah the Music Track” if the film “Blahdeblah” was also entered.

*** Please keep in mind we are ahead of the pack on this competition and you will asked a lot of questions about the film..just do the best you can and know we are really only interested in the music for this one! Good Luck!

( Think “Laura’s Theme form Dr. Zivago…it’s the first thing you think of when you hear the film title…we are looking for music that stands on it’s own not necessarily sound effect tracks if you catch my pun intended!)