Filmmaker Hospitality

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“Where do I go when I arrive?”

If you arrive on Thursday March 31, please pick up your badges starting at 5PM at the Celebrity Theater on The Claridge Hotel‘s 3rd Floor. If you arrive after noon on Friday April 1 , or after we will be ready to give you your badge and program at our HOSPITALITY table located on the dining level in Resorts Hotel & Casino, 1133 Boardwalk at North Carolina in Atlantic City. All of our venues and events are in the OCEAN TOWER which is the portion of the building closest to the Boardwalk.

A Filmmakers Lounge, located in the outer lounge area of Gallagher’s Steak House , Resorts Casino & Hotel on the Dining Level (2ndFl) will be available for your use Saturday and Sunday.

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The Garden State Film Festival is delighted to announce that Panavision is donating a $15,000 Gift Certificate for Camera Package Equipment Rental to be used for a future project. We will present this incredible gift to the “Pick of the Flicks” Audience Choice Award of this years festival.

You can cast your ballet on your mobile phone! It’s an innovation that started right here at the GSFF in New Jersey –birthplace of the movie industry. You’ll learn how to vote mobile at the festival with our innovative CineBallot system – and have a shot at Panavision’s $15,000 gift.



Congratulations Filmmakers for being accepted to GSFF 2016!

amy bouer hdstFilmmaker Hospitality Chair-Amy Bouer

  • All films accepted will receive:

 2- FILMMAKER Badges -please send the names of who will be picking them up . Send to  Amy Bouer so we can have them ready. These act as- Weekend Passes and give you free entrance to all events except the Awards Dinner. Tickets  are available on our website. Get them soon we will sell out of the Awards Dinner

  • FILMMAKERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PICKING THEIR BADGES UP UPON ARRIVAL AT THE FILMMAKER HOSPITALITY TABLE  near the Superstar Theatre on the Dining Level in Resorts Casino and Hotel! They will also be available at MEET THE FILMMAKERS NIght and at the Filmmaker Breakfast Saturday morning at the Arts Garage.
  • A Host Moderator is assigned to all screening blocks from an appropriate segment of the community as regards the theme of each block. They will introduce you at the beginning of each block and moderate the Q&A that takes place after each screening block. All filmmakers from that block are asked up on stage.
  • Filmmakers are invited to a meet and greet breakfast on Saturday April 2 from 9:30 am-11:00am at the Arts Garage. It will consist of complimentary light fare.
  • We always appreciate your help in the promotion of your film. Social network websites seem to be a huge part of getting a full house to your film so please use this opportunity to spread the word about your screening. Please take a minute to read the following from our PR department:

Please like us and share us!

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Please send screening copies to GSFF 1 Page Avenue, Allenhurst , NJ  07711

  • Lastly, GSFF is a non profit grossly underfunded all volunteer organization. Please take a minute to approach your family and friends about a congratulatory ad in our program or a small tax deductible donation. Every dollar is important to us! The information is available on our website at


Thank you again for sharing your wonderful work with us and we can’t wait to meet you, and feel free to contact me with any questions.


Amy Bouer

Filmmaker Hospitality Committee Chair



We are looking forward to meeting each and every one of you!