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Professional Panel Discussions

Bullet Time Cinematography Workshop
FREE ( $10 donation appreciated)
Saturday April 5th, Chelsea Hotel Ballroom

Showing cameras

Session 1- 12:00-1:15
Session 2-3:30-4:45
Session 3: 6:00 pm-7:15.

One of Hollywood’s most intriguing – yet extremely rare -  camera techniques is Bullet Time Cinematography (aka Time Slice).  Made popular and brought into the public eye by the Wachowski Brothers’ film, The Matrix and has since been utilized to see events, film, commercials, and art in new and exciting ways. Here is the latest example:

At a glance, the standard bullet time/time slice camera rig consists of  many computer-controlled cameras that trigger in sequence or in unison -with each camera capturing a single image to be processed into a 24 frame per second motion visual output to show the perspective from each of the cameras as a camera move. It sounds simple enough but there’s a lot to it.
The Future of Indie Film: Post to Distribution
Saturday April 5th  1:00PM
Trump Taj Mahal Opal D, 2nd Floor


 Roger Paradiso (Producer/ Director, Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding, I Want My Name Back and the recently completed, Searching For Camelot) leads a panel discussion about this challenging and ever evolving topic with industry veterans, Suz Dyer and Josh Green. In this uncertain world of new technology and “tent-pole” movies, where does the independent filmmaker fit in after their movie is made?

Women in Hollywood: Breaking the Celluloid Ceiling
Saturday April 5th  4:00PM
Trump Taj Mahal Opal D,  2nd Floor


 Hosted by our own Executive Director/Founder, Diane Raver join three-time Oscar-nominated actress and director, Diane Ladd, leads a lively discussion on working in a male dominated business, including thoughts on why just one woman has ever won an Oscar for directing. The panel will share personal experiences working under the celluloid ceiling, and efforts to crack it open!



From AC to LA: Climbing the Hollywood Ladder
Sunday April 6th  1:00PM
Trump Taj Mahal Opal D,  2nd Floor

scottnue.pic Margate, NJ native, Scott Neustadter (500 Days of Summer, The Spectacular Now, The Fault in Our Stars) is an award winning and highly sought after screenwriter. Scott talks candidly about his journey from east coast to west coast, the challenges of adapting a novel for the screen, commercial viability when contemplating an idea, and writer’s block! 
Here is an example of his latest work!!

The Fault In Our Stars Trailer