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Saturday 3/30/19 

10:00 AM – 11:30 am

The Truth About Your Face seminar for Actors
Dana Ketels | Body Language expert & Coach

Body Language doesn’t lie.  Actors have to be comfortable in their own skin when portraying another character or it’s not believable to the audience.  When we interact with others, we send small, subtle, often unconscious and unintentional micro messages. Micro messages are interpreted, often unconsciously by casting directors and other people. Understanding body language, micro expressions and become aware of your nonverbal facial micro messages is a crucial skill that will gain competitive advantage. You will learn about your nonverbal impact on others e.g. casting directors and learn how typecasting is related to that.

During this interactive panel you will get an introduction to micro expressions, micro movements on your and other peoples faces discover the link between those micro movements and typecasting. This will enable you to recognize and understand nonverbal behavior. This skill will help to make your head shots, dialogues and auditions more effective. You will work in pair during one of the exercises so one of your fellow actors can give you feedback about your micro movements on your face during a conversation, so you will understand your nonverbal impact on others.





Saturday March 30 2019-