2018 Festival Winners

Narrative Feature

James Burke and Scott Disharoon, Producers
Nico Sabenorio, Director

Making a Killing
Devin Hume, Producer/Director

International Narrative Feature

Handsome Devil
Rebecca O’Flanagan and Robert Walpole, Producers
John Butler, Director

Musical Feature Film

Still Waiting In The Wings

M. Carroll Raver Award for Cinematography

The Song of Sway Lake
Eric Lin

The Bud Abbott Award for Feature Length Comedy

Love Eclectic
Bill Brown, Producer/Director

Family Feature

Santino Campanelli, Producer/Director

Horror Feature

The Wanderers: The Quest of the Demon Hunters
Andrei Boncea, Catalin Catoiu and Dragos Buliga, Producers
Dragos Buliga, Director

Musical Feature

Still Waiting In The Wings
Jeffrey Johns/Producer
Allan Brocka/Director

Narrative Short

Paul Castro, Jr. and Aly Miller, Producers
Paul Castro, Jr., Director

Lou Costello Award for Comedy Short

Neil Fennell and Guy Olivieri, Producers
Guy Olivieri, Director

International Narrative Short

The Puppeteer
Carlos Lascano, Producer/Director

International Comedy Short

Ivan Shokha, Producer/Director

2 by 2
(United Kingdom)
Mark Playne, Producer/Director

Emanuel Manny Berlingo Award
for Best Feature Length Documentary

Living in Futures Past
Jeff Bridges, Susan Kucera and Jim Swift, Producers
Susan Kucera, Director

Short Documentary

The Sara Spencer Washington Story
Royston Scott, Director

Alternative Feature

The Rainbow Experiment
Allison Vanore, Producer
Christina Kallas, Director

International Feature Documentary

Melody Makers
Mark Sanders and Leslie Ann Coles, Producers
Leslie Ann Coles, Director

Animated Short

Young Gul Cho, Director

International Animated Short

Au Revior Balthazar
Claudia Frei and Stella Händler, Producers
Rafael Sommerhalder, Director


What’s Out There?
Yijian Lou, Producer
Kirill Yusim, Director

Music Video

Mission to Mars
George Pasles, Director

Narrative Short – College

Undergraduate Student
(Syracuse University)
Kathryn Ferentchak, Producer/Director

Narrative Short – College

Graduate Student
The Hobbyist
(School of Visual Arts, NY)
David E. Munz Maire, Producer
George Vatistas, Director

Animated Short – College

Out of the Box
(Rochester Institute of Technology)
Marcel Saleta, Director

International Animated Short – College

In the Crosshairs
(Soore University, Iran)
Hamidreza Jave, Producer
Marzieh Kheirkhah, Director

International Narrative Short – College

Children of Spring
Zara Demet Altan, Producer/Director

Fantastic Four
Karol Vo, Producer
Juan Alejandro Bermúdez, Director

Narrative Short – High School

About Time
(Viewpoint School, CA)
Anthony Aguirre, Producer
Branton Choi, Director

International Narrative Short – High School

The Candy Girl
Lettie Costea, Producer/Writer
Joshua Costea, Director

The Garden State Film Festival would like to recognize
films shot in the State of New Jersey with the following winners
in the Home Grown Award categories:


Home Grown Short

Swiped Right
Lydia Fiore and Dana Marisa Schoenfeld, Producers
Dana Marisa Schoenfeld, Director

Home Grown Comedy Short

Therapy, Bro.
Wally Marzano-Lesnevich, Francesco Nuzzi and John Hedlund, Producers
John Hedlund, Director

Home Grown Documentary Feature

The Oyster Farmers
Angela Andersen C., Producer
Corinne Gray Ruff, Director

Home Grown Documentary Short

Destination Past: Rumson Hill
Chris Brenner, Producer/Director

Home Grown PSA

Azaliah & AJ at Special Strides
Jenna Bush, Director

Home Grown Music Video

Got This Far
Madison Caccioppoli and Diane Raver, Producers
Diane Raver, Director

Home Grown Student Short – College

(Fairleigh Dickinson University)
Lauren Ide, Producer
Salma Hbaich, Director

Home Grown Documentary Short – College

Hope Restored
(Rowan University)
Diana Nicolae, Bryan Dickerson and Erin Cahill, Producers
Argiea Spencer, Director

Home Grown Student Documentary Short – High School

The Pilgrim Pipeline
(Chatham High School)
Zoe DeWitt, Director

Home Grown Student Short – High School

(Communications High School)
Abigail Karl, Director

Parallel Dreams
(Red Bank Regional High School)
John Tuohy, Director/Writer

Home Grown Student PSA – High School

The Community Food Bank
(Atlantic County Institute of Technology)
Amanda Paule, Director

Home Grown Student Music Video – High School

Three Roads
(Monmouth Regional High School)
Emily Heath, Director

Home Grown Student Trailer – High School

(Bloomfield Tech High School)
Edithe Eugene, Director

Broader Vision

The Garden State Film Festival Movie Music Competition Winners

Best Song From a Short Film

The Long Run Performed by: Glenn Roth, Gary Blu, Grant Morrison, & Rachel Blumberg
Composer: Rachel Blumberg, Barbara Bock, & Gary Blu

Best Theme From a Drama

Stars In My Eyes
(Theme from Drawing Home)
Performed by Judy Collins
Written by Jody Gray, Don Rollins & Steve Walsh

Best Orchestral Score

Performed by: Hollywood Studio Symphony, conducted by Tim Williams, concertmaster Mark Robertson , Composer: Kim Planert

Best Instrumental Score from a Silent Film

Center Ring Waltz
Performed by: Bryson Kemp
Composer: Bryson Kemp

Best Contemporary Pop Song

Dancing Girl
Performed by: The Wiggies
Composer/Produced by:  Sandy Linzer & Edward B. Kessel

Best Internationally Inspired song from a Home Grown Artist

Some Fish Can Fly
Performed by: Sound Imagination Players
Composer/Producer: Edward B. Kessel & Marc Hoffman

Best Home Grown Hip Hop Song

Got This Far
Performed by Madison Caccioppoli
Composer: Madison Caccioppoli

Best Indie Rock Song

Mission To Mars
Performed by: Overlord (George Andrew Pasles, Sarah Brockett, Matt Houser, and TrisMcCall)      Composer: George Andrew Pasles

Best Documentary Theme from a Home Grown Short

Azaliah’s Theme
Performed by: David Citron
Composer: David Citron

Garden State Screenplay Competition Winner

Colorblind ( The Legacy of Alvin Bell) by Pamela Peak


Honorary Chair

Brian Cheripka

Lifetime Achievement

Xander Berkeley

Beacon Award

Christopher Lloyd


Armand Assante

Broader Vision Award

Angelight Films

Educator of the Year

Christopher Corey

The Garden State Film Festival Rising Star Award for Acting

Ellie Lee

Pick of the Flicks

Detention (Ballinger)