About Our Logo

For those who don’t know our beautiful State of New Jersey, our whimsical logo combines the icon of a film projector with one of the states most other recognizable icons, our coveted Jersey Tomatoes. It may be a strange choice to incorporate in our graphics, but it pretty much says a lot about our commitment to contribute to the next crop of brilliant filmmakers here in “The Garden State” and throughout the world. After all, it is here, the whole industry has its roots, from Edison’s very first motion picture camera, to the 49 motion picture studios once located in Ft. Lee, New Jersey to the hundreds of award winning films shot in this state every year. In their honor, we celebrate all that is homegrown with a bit of tongue and cheek as a reflection of our personality. We hope you like it and will join our crusade to bring the very best of independent film making to our great state.