2016 Winners



Pick of the Flicks

Mae Day

Ryan Clark, Director

Russell Geltman, Producer

Narrative Feature


VW Scheich, Director

VW Scheich, Jeffrey Allard, Kat Rogers and Uyen Le, Producers

International Narrative Feature


(United Kingdom)

Alan Coulson, Director

Maria Ellis, Producer


“Oblivion Season”


Abbas Rafei, Director/Producer


M. Carroll Raver Award for Cinematography

“Free State”

(South Africa)

Tom Marais, Cinematographer



The Bud Abbott Award for Feature Length Comedy

“Taking Stock”

(United Kingdom)

Maeve Murphy, Director

Geoff Austin, Producer


Family Feature

“Good Ol’ Boy”

Frank Lotito, Director

Anjul Nigam, Frank Lotito and Steve Straka, Producers



Narrative Short

‘The Bravest, The Bold”

Moon Molson, Director

Pelin Uzay, Producer


Lou Costello Award for Comedy Short

“Getting Ed Laid”

Deborah Pearl, Director

John Hamilton, Producer


International Narrative Short

“Blue Eyed Boy”


Masoud Soheili, Director/Producer


International Comedy Short



Burleigh Smith and Codey Wilson, Directors


Emanuel “Manny” Berlingo Award for Best Feature Length Documentary


Jeri Rice, Director/Producer


Short Documentary

“The Pledge of Allegiance”

Visionary Video & FilmWorks

Fred Frintrup, Director/Producer


Feature Adaptation

“Star Crossed Lovers”

Francesco Nuzzi, Director

John Hedlund and Francesco Nuzzi, Producers


Alternative Feature


Benjamin Meyer, Director

Beth Schacter, Producer


International Feature Documentary

“Drawing Against Oblivion”


Jacks Moving Images

Final Frame Productions

Bärbel Jacks, Director

David Kunac, Producer


International Short Documentary

“Yellow Start of Tolerance”


Curt Fissel, Director

Ellen Friedland, Producer


Animated Short

“Taking the Plunge”

Thaddaeus Andreades, Elizabeth Ku-Herrero

Nicholas Manfredi and Marie Raoult, Directors

International Animated Short



Afshin Roshanbakht and Vahid Jafari, Puppets and Animation

Afshin Roshanbakht, Vahid Jafari, Javad Shariatpanah, Producers


Music Video


James Kicklighter, Director

James Kicklighter and Jessica Mathews, Producers



“Coming to Terms”

David Bertran, Director

David Bertran, Yolanda Centeno, Gabriela Dorini

Phyllis Larrymore Kelly and Cesar Saura, Producers


Narrative Short – College


“High Glow Retro”

(New York University)

Alex Morsanutto, Director

Joseph Walker, Producer


Grad Student

“The Red House”

(New York Film Academy)

Jiaqi Lin, Director

Larry Kaster, Producer



(Columbia University)

Andrew Ruiz, Director

Tina Braz, Producer



International Narrative Short – College

“Catalina and the Sun”

(Argentina University of Cinema)

Anna Paula Hönig, Director/Producer




“Open Your Eyes”

Florencia Krochik, Director

Andrea Savo and Florencia Krochik, Producers


The Garden State Film Festival would like to recognize films shot in the State of New Jersey with the following winners in the “Home Grown Award” categories:


Home Grown Feature

“Let Me Down Hard”

William DeVizia, Director/Producer


Home Grown Horror Feature

“A Place in Hell”

CuffLink Productions

David Boorboor, Director

Ed Cuffe, David Boorboor and Tierney Boorboor, Producers


Home Grown Short


Prabal Chakraborty, Director/Writer

Produced by A R Mavero. & Prabal Chakraborty


Home Grown Comedy Short

“The White Spruce”

Mark Serao, Director

Produced by Chris Vaglio, Emily Palazzolo and Jayson Palmer


Home Grown Documentary Feature

“A Thousand & One Journeys: The Arab Americans”

Abe Kasbo, Director

Maysoon Zayid and Abe Kasbo, Producers


Home Grown Documentary Short

The Town That Disappeared Over Night”

David Kuznicki, Director/Producer


Home Grown Music Video

‘The Right Way”

Ian J. Keeney, Director

Cat London, Producer


Home Grown PSA

“The Game”

Charles Smith III, Director/Producer


Home Grown Student Short-College


(Fairleigh Dickenson University)

Maggie Kaszuba, Director/Producer


Home Grown Documentary Short-College

“True Sound: The Vintage Vibe Story”

(Ramapo College of New Jersey)

Alexander Hoteck


Home Grown Student Music Video-High School

“Mulholland Drive”

(Communications High School)

Isabella Olaguera, Director

Home Grown Student Documentary Short-High School

“Victor Grasso”


Genna Contento, Director

Home Grown Student Narrative Short-High School

“The Devil’s Tree”

(Howell High School)

Tim Preston and Ken Dyer, Directors

Home Grown PSA – High School

“Domestic Violence”

(Atlantic County Institute of Technology)

John Yasay and Valentina Solarte


The Garden State Film Festival Movie Music Competition Winners


Best Song from a Feature Documentary

Theme from Near Myth: The Oskar Knight Story

Performed by: Ted Reedy

Composer: Ted Reedy


Best Song from a Short Film

Bed of Shame

Performed by: Milan Lazistan III,  Anthony Krizan, and C.C. Coletti

Composer: Milan Lazistan III and Anthony Krizan


Best Pop Song

On The Edge of Something New

Performed by:

Lindsay Lucas, Stephen Cullo

Composer: Jayne Critelli


Best Score by a Graduate Student


Performed by: Bryan Atkinson

Composer: Bryan Atkinson


Best Orchestral Theme

Cinderella, A Shadow Ballet

Performed by White Widow

Composed by Carla Patullo


Best International Instrumental

Frozen Desert
Performed by: Stefan Kristinkov
Composer: Stefan Kristinkov


Best International Track from a Short Film

Hands (FRANCE)

Performed by: Julien Besins

Composer: Julien Besins


Best Roots

“Lovers’ Hearts”

Performed by: Thomas Wesley Stern

Composer: Thomas Wesley Stern

Best Closing Credits Theme

Right Words To Say

Performed by Charming Disaster

Composed by Jeff Morris and Ellia Bisker

Best Reggae Soundtrack

Leave Our Worries

Performed by: Serendipity

Composer: Chris Corley and Jon D’Agostino

Best Ethnic Score


Composer: David Radolovic

Performed by: Yoomi Kwon, Rob Palmay, Stephen Crespo, David Radolovic

Best Track From A Television Show

TSJ Project: Known Types

Performed by: Stefan Kristinkov

Composer: Stefan Kristinkov

Home Grown

Home Grown Best Song:

Stuck in the Belmar Bar

Performed By: Pat Roddy Band

Composer: Pat Roddy Band

Home Grown -Best Orchestration


Performed by: Jon Altino

Composer: Jon Altino

Home Grown- Best Track from a Short Film

Abigail’s Journey

Performed by: Andrew Schwarz

Composed by: Andrew Schwarz

Home Grown- Best Track from a Feature Film

In An Empty House

Performed by: Anthony V. Dominello

Composer: Anthony V. Dominello



Independent Spirit Award

Sally Struthers

Broader Vision Award




Al Sapienza

The Garden State Film Festival Rising Star Award for Acting

Joey Russo

Garden State Screenplay Competition Winner



Rachel Goldberg