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“Colorblind ( The Legacy of Alvin Bell) “by Pamela Peak

Pamela Peak is a highly skilled screenwriter and Emmy-nominated filmmaker whose works have appeared on PBS nationally and in Canada.

Pamela’s now award winning screenplay Colorblind (The Legacy of Alvin Bell) is based on a powerful, heartfelt true story from Pamela’s childhood during the Civil Rights Era. It became an award-winning documentary in 2005.

The documentary won the Emanuel “Manny” Berlingo Award for Feature length documentary filmmaking in 2005 at The Garden State Film Festival.

Colorblind, the documentary, was seen by an estimated 56 million PBS viewers. The story behind Colorblind was also featured on ABC News, Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts. The documentary won five Best Film festival awards.

We are overjoyed and delighted to welcome Pamela back as this years Garden State Film Festival screenplay competition winner. Bravo Pamela!!

Join us for this FREE script reading Saturday, March 24th at Noon in the Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel -Oval Room 2nd Floor.

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Garden State Film Festival Screenplay Competition was instituted to recognize the importance of the writer as the foundation for a really great film. Our goal is to shine a spotlight on this year’s winning screenplay, host a live stage reading by professional actors, and create an atmosphere conducive to industry professionals and investors attending and supporting this great script.





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