2020 Winners

2020 Screenplay Competition Winners

Short Screenplay


By Kathleen Caprario-Ulrich


Feature Length Screenplay

“The Last of the Burly Girls”
By John Pisano-Thomsen

2020 Movie Music Competition Winner

Best Orchestration From A Documentary
“Determined – Triumphant Theme”
Composer: Steven Chesne
Performed by:Virtual Instruments

Best Rap Song from a Short
Composers: Jeremiah Kaufman
Performed by: Jeremiah Kaufman

Best Americana Orchestration From a Narrative Short
“Jake’s Beginnings”
Composer: Cristina “Trinity” Vélez-Justo
Performed by: Virtual Instruments

Best Musical Score from a Historical Drama Short
” Julie’s Theme”
Composer: Pancho Burgos-Goizueta
Performed by: Pancho Burgos-Goizueta

Best Blue Grass Orchestration From a Narrative Feature
“Days of Whisky and Sunshine”
Composer: Cristina “Trinity” Vélez-Justo
Performed by: Virtual Instruments

Best Period Piece
“Henry the VIII”
Composer:Guy Renardeau
Performed by: Guy Renardeau

Best Musical Score from a Stop Motion Short
“Friends With Death”
Composers: Zac Silva & James McCaffrey
Performed by:

Zac Silva, James McCaffrey, Kevin Grossman, Emily Grove & Cody McCorry 

End Title Theme from a Feature Documentary
” My Father’s Brothers”
Composer: Cristina “Trinity” Vélez-Justo
Performed by: Virtual Instruments

Best Rap Theme from a Documentary Feature
“I’m a Movement”
Composed by: Intelligenz   
Performed by:Intelligenz   

Best Orchestration From An Animated Short
“The Ribbon”
Composer: Jonathan Galland

Performed by:Virtual Instruments 

Best Orchestration From An International Mini Series
“Walpurgisnacht – Die Mädchen und der Tod”
Composed by: Mathias Rehfeldt
Performed by: Mathias Rehfeldt

Best Home Grown Indie Pop
“Bets Against the Void”
Composer: Elizabeth Lehman
Performed by:The Scary Jokes

2020 Screenplay Winners

Short Screenplay Winner

Standing In Water by Kathleen Caprario-Ulrich

Born and bred in Elizabeth, NJ, Kathleen Caprario-Ulrich relocated to the Pacific Northwest where she has established herself as an award winning visual artist, writer, art educator and occasional stand up comic despite her strong, Jersey-girl vibe and accent. Her sense of humor is rooted in an appreciation for the awkward and painfully funny process of reinventing one’s life after a personal, seismic shift; “Standing In Water” is informed by Caprario-Ulrich’s own experience of being widowed before the age of fifty and the healing power of laughter.

Feature Screenplay Winner

Last of the Burly Girls by JOHN PISANO-THOMSEN

A life-long theatre-phile, songwriter, and creative writing graduate, John is an award-winning LGBTQ/feminist screenwriter on a five-year successful trajectory after winning one of three screenwriting fellowship spots in the 2016 Atlanta Film Festival.  Since then, John has written three more successful screenplays and has accumulated hundreds of awards and accolades from around the globe.  In October 2019, he placed in the top 15%, 5% and 2% of submissions  in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Nicholl Fellowship, with “Last of the Burly Girls” placing in the top 149 semifinalists out of 7,302 submissions. We are thrilled to recognize his talents as well.

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