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What does it mean GSFF MOVES VIRTUAL?

This means ‘on with the show’. We will be streaming the film festival live in real-time. Ticket holders will receive a special link and code to access the film festival during the already scheduled days and times to see your desired films. This will be just like attending the film festival except it will be from the comforts of your own home.

This is not YouTube or Vimeo and is not prone to pirating. This is the GSFF private servers. This is not a PUBLIC link; it remains for ticket holders only.

Is the virtual GSFF public?

No absolutely not! It is NOT PUBLIC. We would not do that. It is not YouTube or Vimeo or VOD.

GSFF 2021 LIVE STREAM will be for ticket holders only. It will be the same as the festival would– the films play LIVE and ONCE ONLY to ticket holders.

Is the film schedule the same?

The Garden State Film Festival’s 2021 live stream film event will remain essentially the same with film blocks beginning and ending during the previously scheduled days and times. The schedule is anticipated to be the same as it is listed on

If I purchased a ticket for the 2021 GSFF, can I watch the films online March 24-28th?

Our patrons and fans who have already purchased the Multi-Pass or Individual Screening Ticket are still able to see all film blocks during the scheduled time. All screenings are presented in Eastern Standard Time.

Can I purchase a ticket for the 2021 GSFF Virtual Film Festival?

Yes! You can buy a ticket for an individual film block or get the unlimited all-access Multi-Pass for maximum fun. With the multi-pass you can view as many films as you wish during the days and times listed in the film block schedule.  All ticket holders will be able to log into the live stream with a unique password.  

It will be like we were all at the venues. Your film will play once during the scheduled time.

Single block screening tickets are $15, All access Multi-Passes are $55.

Can I get a refund for my 2021 tickets?

All ticket sales are final sale and no refunds. In addition to the ability to access to the 2021 Virtual festival, we will honor the GSFF 2021 FILM SCREENING TICKETS in GSFF 2021

Only the Awards Dinner ticket holders will be given refunds.

What day and time is my film playing?

There are a few ways to find out more about what day and time your film is playing! The only change is that the venues will all be in the comforts of your home on your electronic device. Days and times are all the same. 

PLEASE NOTE: Time is Eastern Standard Time (EST)

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