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Do I get any free tickets to my screening?

Every ACCEPTED film ( as well as Movie Music Winners) get TWO complimentary filmmaker badges that act as Multi-Passes. This provides complimentary access to ALL events EXCEPT the Black Tie Awards Banquet. Tickets for the Awards Banquet can be purchased while they last on this website.

YOU MUST tell Tina Notaro your film name  and the names of the two people picking up the badges. Badges are picked up at HOSPITALITY during the event. See section: “Where do I go when I arrive?” for details.

Note: Filmmakers (and Movie Music Winners) are invited to a Meet and Greet Breakfast on Saturday, March 28, 2020 starting at 9:00am at the Asbury.

Is there a Q&A for filmmakers after their film?

Yes there is ample time for a Q & A after each film screening event. All Filmmakers will be invited up front after the entire block of films screen to answer questions and delight our audience. Our screening block host will act as moderator. In the event you run out of time and the audience wants more, you will be instructed to take it up at the filmmaker’s lounge.

I just found out about the Movie Music Competition, is it too late to enter?

Sadly it is too late for this year. Our winners are chosen and up on this website. The tracks will play between screenings at each venue for all to enjoy. Please consider entering your music any time after June 1st when our 2021 Call for Entries opens. Please read the instructions carefully. Good Luck!

I won the Movie Music Category, what do I get?

Congratulations! You get the same perks as the filmmakers whose films will screen. Two badges that act as Multi- Passes, invitation to the Filmmaker Breakfast and more. Please contact Tina Notaro if you have further questions. RSVP to Tina using your music track title.

Your music will be heard throughout the festival  between all blocks as attendees enter and exit the theaters. In addition, you will be presented with your winners certificate at our Sunday Night Awards Dinner. We do sell out so get your tickets early!

Do I have to burn a DVD and upload my film to the portal?

Yes, this is a must! As stated in the acceptance letter GSFF needs you to upload your film to the portal (each filmmaker received a unique access code) and burn 2 Blu-ray or DVD’s. The discs are for back up.

1080; Stereo not 5.1; mpg or .mov,
(depending on what your burning software needs are)

We cannot play via the internet due to wifi restrictions so having physical discs as back up is how we must do it.

My computer doesn’t have a disc drive can you burn a DVD for me?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. Please see our DVD & Blu-ray policy below:

The Garden State Film Festival (“GSFF”) cannot and will not take responsibility to burn DVDs or Blu Rays for filmmakers whose films are accepted into the festival. As explicitly stated in the rules for submission to the GSFF:

Note: Accepted films will be notified in January 2020, and MUST provide 2 copies of the film on NTSC, Region 1 or 0 (DVD), or Region A (Blu Ray) within two (2) weeks of acceptance notification, or are subject to disqualification.

GSFF cannot provide this service, as it is not a commercial duplicating house, does not have the staff or equipment to provide this service, and will not take responsibility for the quality of a screening copy.

It is the responsibility of the filmmaker to provide the two discs, either by having a commercial duplicating house create the discs (preferred) or the burn them on their own. Since many of the latest computers do not have digital optical drives, a filmmaker that does not want to utilize a commercial duplicating house, should purchase a peripheral to accomplish the task.  A filmmaker burning discs on their own should be sure to author and finalize the discs, and to test them on a standard commercial U.S. Blu Ray or DVD deck. Do not test the discs on a computer or game system, as those systems play formats that standard commercial decks cannot play. We cannot accept PAL discs. PAL cannot be played. We cannot play QuickTime or any other type of computer media format/program.

It is recommended that discs are created by a commercial duplicating house.  By way of example, but without endorsement, such as:

All discs should be sent to: GSFF, 711 Boston Blvd, Sea Girt, NJ 08750, marked SCREENING COPY on the outside as well as your FilmFreeway tracking number. DO NOT REQUIRE A SIGNATURE.

Is there a place for me to put a poster at the event?

As for posters, if you mount one LARGE one on foam core, and bring an easel, you can display it at the festival. We are NOT allowed to mount anything on the walls. Please note you must be responsible for your own items.

Red Carpet: Are we permitted to bring our own crew and host to record one?

There are two red carpet events at GSFF. The first one is our Friday Night Cocktail Gala**. All GSFF filmmakers walk the red carpet, as do our celebrity honorees. The second is the Black Tie Awards dinner Sunday night. As for  bringing your own crews… this must be cleared first with our Director of Operations Kristen Dirato,


**HINT: Most attendees come after work and so are in work attire, but you can choose to get as dolled up as you like!

How many postcards or fliers are suggested we send to you and can you post any posters at the festival? 

We recommend 500 post cards as a good choice. They are really cheap at and other internet sources.

Please mail them to GSFF Marketing Dept. 711 Boston Blvd., Sea Girt, NJ 08750 by March 10.

THEY MUST CONTAIN GSFF Venue, Block Code, Date and Time of your screening or they will not be distributed.

 As for posters, if you mount one big one on foam core and bring an easel you can display it at the festival.  We are NOT allowed to mount anything on the walls.

Where is my film playing?

There are a few ways to find out more about where your film is playing!

View Schedule Online – CLICK HERE

Download Listings at a Glance – CLICK HERE


Where do I go when I arrive?

The festival takes place at various venues in and around the city of Asbury Park, New Jersey. We are looking forward to meeting each and every one of you!


you must go to a Hospitality Table in the following locations: 
  • Wednesday | March 25, 2020 | 7:00pm Jersey Shore Arts Center
    If you arrive on Wednesday pick up your film badges at the HOSPITALITY table at the Jersey Shore Arts Center at the special screening.
  • Thursday | March 26, 2020 | 7:00pm Paramount Theater
    If you arrive on Thursday pick up your film badges at the HOSPITALITY table at the Paramount Theatre at the Meet the Filmmaker Event.
  • Friday | March 27, 2020 |12:00pm-5:30pm 
    Convention Hall Foyer
      For purchasing tickets, merchandise, multi-passes & pick up badges
  • Friday | March 27, 2020 | 5:30pm Convention Hall
    • If you come on Friday go to the GRAND ARCADE/CONVENTION HALL Complex.
      Enter the doors on the left to get to the Hospitality. * Right side is to buy tickets.
  • Saturday March 28, 2020 | 8:30am – 9:00pm
  • Sunday March 29, 2020 | 9:30am – 3:30pm


Filmmaker lounges available for you to utilize on Saturday & Sunday-

    • Berkley Oceanfront Hotel -Blue Bar
    • Asbury Hotel-Sound Booth Bar