2024 Winners


Please note that selection of any and all published winners is at the sole discretion of the Garden State Film Festival (“GSFF”) judging panel. The GSFF reserves the right to not select a “winner” or award for a particular category in any given year. The GSFF is under no obligation to award a category. By participating in the GSFF, the participant acknowledges this disclaimer and waives his/her/their right to contest any decision by the judging panel to award or not award in a category.


Narrative Feature

“I Think I’m Sick”

Jonathan Applebaum, Andrew Bilindabagabo, Carley Bilindabagabo,

Tyler Wells, Matti Haapoja – Producers

Danny Gevirtz – Director


International Narrative Feature

“The Martini Shot”

Susan Ilott – Producer

Stephen Wallis – Director


Narrative Feature Horror

“A Town Called Purgatory”

Ken Arnold,Dan De Luca – Producers

Matt Servitto – Director


Narrative Feature Thriller

“The Nanny”

Morgan A. MacDouglas, Kimberly Connolly – Producers

Brian Reynolds – Director


Narrative Feature Horror International


Line Sander Egede – Producers

Ariane Louis-Seize – Director


M. Carroll Raver Award for Cinematography

“Karma Is A Hitch”

Ben Blaskovic, Claude Koenig – Producers

Oliver Kahl – Director


Live Action Short Film
“The Fuse”
Youmi Haefelin-Roch – Producer
Kevin Haefelin – Director


Short Horror/Thriller

Suki-Rose, Cricket Arrison – Director

Michael Scott, Josh Ascalon, Steve Smith, Meg Murnane – Producer


Science Fiction Short International

(Russian Federation)

“Future Ads”

Nikolay Renard – Director

Churilin Maxim – Producer


Lou Costello Award for Comedy Short

“Skunk Bite”

Mickel Cannon – Producer

Kelly Quinn, Grace Pomilla – Director


Narrative Short International


“Game, Interrupted”

Fehmi Ozturk, Nefes Polat, Tolga Karacelik – Producers

Ilayda Iseri – Director


International Comedy Short



Ferdi Çelik – Producer

Karlijn Koel – Director

Emanuel “Manny” Berlingo Award for Best Feature Length Documentary

“Journey to the UFC: Joe Pyfer”

Alex Davis, Chandler Henry – Producers

Chandler Henry – Director


“American Royalty”

John Daniel Fisher, Stephen Andrew Fisher, Jay Pitts – Producers

John Daniel Fisher, Stephen Andrew Fisher – Directors

“The Neglia Nexus: A Story About the Birth of MMA”

Peter Normandia – Director


International Feature Documentary

“The Film – Make – Her, The Lisa Azuelos Story”

David Serero – Director/Producer


Documentary Short Film

Rudy Valdez – Director

Andrea Cordoba, Megan Schale – Producer


International Short Documentary


The Syrian Cosmonaut

Enis Ozkul – Producer

Charles Emir Richards – Director


Animation Short

“a tree once grew here”

Dara Semerad – Producer

Johnnie Semerad – Director


Animation Short – College

“Lost and Found“

Adin Brian Duncan – Director


Drama Short – High School

“The Last Liftoff”

(Oaks Christian High School in California)

Collin Nelson – Director


 Comedy Short – High School

“Late Night Edit”

(Huntsville High School)

Kyle M. Wegler – Director


International Short – High School


(Emerging Limerick Filmmakers)

Niamh Collins – Director


International Web Series/New Media

(Russian Federation)

“About People and About War”

Dmitrij Pasichnyuk, Anna Chizhova – Producers

Andrej Krasavin – Director


Narrative Short Documentary – College
“The Beatles And Beyond: A Lasting Legacy”

Mimi Freund – Producer

Clara McCourt – Director


Narrative Short – College/Graduate School


Jennifer Baker, Kaan Berkant – Producers

Yinghui Li – Director


International Animation Short – High School

“1 2 3 Red Light, Green Light”

Liangyu Chen – Director/Producer


Voices of Neurodiversity in Cinema


“How to Survive Film Class”
Jackson Conroy – Director


Music Video

“The Ballad Of Jim Cramer”

Philip Curcuru – Director/Producer


TV Pilot


Jolie Curtsinger, Dana Marisa Schoenfeld – Producers

Dana Marisa Schoenfeld – Director


Broader Vision Award

“Be Not Afraid”

Chris Carden – Director/Producer


The Garden State Film Festival would like to recognize films shot in the
State of New Jersey with the following winners in the
“Home Grown Award” categories:


Home Grown Feature

“Jersey Bred”

Greg Russo – Director/Producer


Home Grown Documentary Feature

“Toothache: The Painful Truth”

Dr. Nicole McGrath – Barnes, Dr. Michal Herman, Andrea Wiley – Producers

Dr. Nicole McGrath – Barnes – Director


Home Grown Short

“The Handyman”

Adam Worth – Director


Home Grown Short Horror

“Hide Your Crazy”

Irina Slepneva – Producer

Austin Kase – Director


Home Grown Animation Short


Kevin Miller, Matthew Santonocito – Producers

Shannon Miller – Director


Home Grown Documentary Short

“Truth to Transformation”

Christine Norbut Beyer, Benita Miller – Producers

Cheryl Miller Houser – Director

This is Why We Train – The Sea Girt Beach Patrol”

Sean Bell, Kevin R. Nulty – Producers

Kevin R.Nulty – Director


Home Grown Student Short College
“Portrait of Two Steelers Fans”
Alexander Pasquale- Directorsteeler

“nothing, except everything.”

Wesley Wang – Director

Scott Aharoni – Producer


Home Grown PSA
“Monmouth County Celebrates America’s 250th Anniversary”

Adam Worth – Director

Chrstine Giordano Hanlon, Ted Maturo  – Producers


Home Grown Music Video

Brian Brodeur – Producer/Director


Home Grown Student Short Documentary – College
“Life on the Edge – Exploring New Jersey’s Coastal Ecosystems”

Oscar Schofield-Producer

Angela Catt, Micah Seidel, Natalie Radu-Directors


Home Grown PSA – High School

“Sexual Harassment PSA”

(Donald M. Payne Sr. School of Technology)

Luisa Santos – Director


Home Grown Drama – High School

“Train Wreck”

(Middletown High School South)

Luke Roberts – Director


Home Grown Narrative – High School


(Middletown High School South)

Maura Catherine Collins, Mia Dimitry – Directors


Home Grown Short – High School
Sponsored by UArts

“Watch Your Back”

(River Dell Regional High School)

Ashley Chang – Director


Home Grown Animation – High School
Sponsored by UArts

Tellurium vs Gold”

(East Brunswick Magnet High School)

Josias Ortiz – Director


New Jersey Hometown Documentary Short – High School
Sponsored by NJSBA

 Winner: “The Challenge”

 (Franklin High School)

Aryan Patel – Director


1st Runner Up: “Generations of Homemade Happiness

(Westwood Regional High School)

Emma Lagatol – Director


Best Actor in a Feature
Armand Assante

“Don Q”


Best Actress in a Feature

Tia Tardy

I Think I’m Sick”


Best Supporting Actor in a Feature

Ed Begley Jr.

“Don’t Tell Larry”

Best Supporting Actress in a Feature
Saundra Santiago

Don Q”


Best Ensemble in a Feature

 Connor Russell, TIa Tardy, Wes BrooksPaul Arthaud, Richard Alexander, Drew Moore
“I Think I’m Sick”


Best Actor in a Short
Jorge Gabino 

The Fuse


Best Actress in a Short
Lisa Edelstein



 Best Supporting Actor in a Short
Justin Marcel McManus



Best Supporting Actress in a Short
Stephanie Weppler


Best Ensemble in a Short

Sebastian Gerold, Christina Hecke, Rony Herman, Paulina RümmeleinFrançois Goeske, Clea Eden, Arne Kübler
“Karma is a Hitch”

2024 Screenplay Winner

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Feature Screenplay Winner

The Dude Is Legit!
Written by Dan Clemens and Laurie Clemens – Maier


Short Screenplay Winner

Written by Colin Hickey


Teleplay Screenplay Winner

Flawless: A Feminist Fairytale

Written by Deborah Rayne, Catherine Eaton

2024 Movie Music Winners


Best Pop Song
“Ballad of Jim Cramer”
Composer: Philip Curcuru
Performed by: The Atomik Age Project

Best Song from a Short Film
“Millie’s Carefree Day”
Composer: Kevin Stahl & Spencer Camacho
Produced by: Kevin Stahl

Best Student Orchestral Score
Composer: Yi-Fan Chen
Performed by: New York University Orchestra

Best Song in a Short Drama
Composers: Michael Gladstone & Rob Smith
Performed by: Junkyardfieldtrip

Best Score from an International Film
“Force of Nature”
Composer: Fadi Khoury
Performed by: Fadi Khoury, Cello Pierce Constanti

Best Score from a Feature Thriller
Composer: Jeff Tinsley
Performed by: Budapest Scoring Orchestra

Best Score from a Short Documentary
“Messages To Self”
Composer: Jarrod J. Radnich
Performed by: Jarrod J. Radnich


Honorable Mention
“Step Into The Highway”
Frank Agosta – Director
Frank Agosta, Joseph Lanza – Producers