2019 Winners

2019 Movie Music Competition Winner

Best Theme From A Comedy

“He’s A Beautiful Boy (Theme from Lil’ Balzac)”

Composer: Jan van Oene

Performed by: Jan van Oene, Evan Lincoln, and Shannon Burke


Best Orchestration from a Documentary

World Water Puerto Rico – Main Theme

Composer: Kenneth Blaine

Performed by: Kenneth Blaine


Best Theme from a Home Grown Feature

“The Hospital Room”

Composers: Alan Parness & Larry Weissblum

Performed by: The Stonebridge Jammers


Best Orchestration from an Animation

Never Give Up

Composed, orchestrated and conducted by: Sandrine Rudaz

Performed by: Seattle Studio Musicians


Best Musical Score from a Short

“Circus Fantasy” 

Composer: Kevin Stahl

Conducted by: Kevin Stahl


Best Musical Score from a Feature

Fox Medicine”

Composer : Josh Coffey and Otto Sharp

Performed by: Josh Coffey, Otto Sharp, Stephen Montgomery


Home Grown Alternative Rock

“How the Hell am I Getting Home”

Composer: Milan Lazista

Performed by: Milan & The Sour Goat III, John Busse, Edwin Estevez Jr.


Best Ballad From a Short

“Wild One” (The Ballad of Brando)

Composer: Philip Curcuru

Performed by: The Atomik Age Project


Best Pop Song

“Far Away Places” 

Composer: Toni Cornell

Performed by: Toni Cornell   


Best Orchestration From An Animated Short

“Skip Rescues Pip”

Composer: Cristina “Trinity” Vélez-Justo


Best Musical form a Home Grown Student Film – Elementary School

“MP News Theme”

Composer: Robert Shiffman


Best Home Grown Pop Duet

“Theme from That’s Life”


2019 Screenplay Winner

The Garden State Film Festival Screenplay Competition was instituted to recognize the importance of the writer as the foundation for a really great film. Our goal is to shine a spotlight on this year’s winning screenplay, host a live stage reading by professional actors.

GSFF is happy to announce Drew Henriksen as the 2019 GSFF Screenplay Competition with “A Brooklyn Christmas”. 


Drew who is an accomplished writer of both novels, as well as award winning short films. He has supplemented his income by supervising a lab, teaching high school, as well as showing off his black belt in martial arts as a stunt work and fight coordinator in several films.


“A Brooklyn Christmas” is set on Christmas Eve when suave wise guy, Tony C., loses his life saving a young boy from being hit by a truck.  He finds himself before Saint Peter who has taken the form of a dentist.  In the heavenly office, we meet Horatio, a bungling apprentice angel. After his judgment, Tony and Horatio are sent back down to Brooklyn to help guide a young fireman Jerry, through the season after losing his beloved wife.


What happens next ..well join us for the screenplay reading on Saturday March 30th at 12:00noon in the Oval Room 2nd Fl. Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel to find out!


The Screenplay Reading is FREE with the suggested donation of the purchase of a screening block ticket $15 to be used over the GSFF weekend. 


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The Garden State Screenwriting Competition is proud to announce a partnership with InkTip, where writers connect with industry professionals every day.


A prize package of one (1) InkTip Script Listing and one (1) InkTip Magazine listing for your grand prize winner of the Donna Rothstein Screenwriting Award and a prize package of one (1) InkTip Script Listing for your top five (5) finalists to assist in providing them exposure for their scripts. InkTip Script Listings provide writers with the opportunity to get their scripts read by InkTip’s extensive network of producers, reps, manager, agents, and other qualified industry professionals.

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