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Are You Ready?

The 23rd Annual Garden State Film Festival (GSFF) rolls into Asbury Park from March 27-30, 2025.

Twenty-five thousand people came to Asbury Park to attend the festival in 2019, and many businesses reported that it was their busiest weekend of the early Spring. We anticipate more will join us this year in our previous home of Asbury Park, so now’s your chance to really wow ‘em.

Take the Panic out of Pandemic


On March 11, 2020, we left a meeting with the Asbury Park city leadership basking in the confidence that comes from knowing “it’s all under control.” Veterans of 17 previous festivals, we knew Number 18 was going to be our most successful ever. The very next day, faced with the reality that the country was on lock down. We realized we had 13 days to create a dynamic new approach to our beloved four-day event. And by time it was all over, we were basking in a whole new way.

Over 15,000 ticket holders experienced the pandemic version of GSFF with the same precision of presentation that is our hallmark. We’d worked round the clock to be able to present our 240 films securely and on schedule. We’d built our own streaming platform in record time. We gave new and veteran fans a four-day, live stream experience that delivered each film in its planned time slot and virtual venue. And after each screening block, we invited viewers to take the short trip over to Facebook in order to participate in filmmaker talk backs.

We exhibited the energy and ingenuity of Edison, the godfather of filmmaking, who started the engine of the film industry in New Jersey, the state we hold so dear. We relied on Jersey grit and determination to do the impossible while all around us was news of festivals cancelling, South by Southwest shuttering, the Olympics quaking.

We set aside none of our long-held commitments, celebrating the next generation of filmmakers on Saturday and Sunday morning by screening over 40 High School films and presenting every one of our coveted awards.

Yes, we basked when it was all over knowing that we’d attracted three fifths of our typical in-person audience during the first days of nationwide chaos while expanding our reach from fairly local to undeniably global. We’d curated the very best of independent filmmaking and took it safely across borders, time zones and political divides.

We believed in the opportunity to venture into a new digital frontier that served as a blueprint for festivals worldwide. The most demanding year of our history? Well, perhaps. But the proudest too.


Insider Tips & Ideas

March 25 – March 29, 2020

The 18th Annual Garden State Film Festival (GSFF) rolls into Asbury Park from March 25th through March 29, 2020. Twenty-five thousand people came toAsbury Park to attend the festival in 2018, and many businesses reported that it was their busiest weekend of the early Spring. We anticipate more will join us this year in our previous home of Asbury Park, so now’s your chance to really wow ‘em.

We’ve compiled some tips to help you turn this weekend into a bonanza for your business.

GSFF is a big deal — not only in Asbury Park and New Jersey — but throughout the film world as well.

Talk it up with your friends and customers; be a part of the buzz! Join in on our social media by sharing to your fans. Her is our info:




Use Hashtag #GSFF –be sure to tag us on all of your social media posting!                       

Encourage your followers to use the GSFF EXPRESS JITNEY which will transport GSFF attendees all around town on Saturday 3/30/19 and Sunday 3/31/19 for FREE. Our venues this year are: Paramount, Berkeley, House of Independents, Asbury Hotel, Council Chambers, Senior Center, Jersey Shore Arts Center

Offer incentives to attendees to come to your business during the weekend. Entice them to come back again. “Show your GSFF ticket for a 10% discount – now through April 30.”

Reach attendees through an advertisement in the festival program or on our website. We’ve been delivering an audience and real value to our state for years. It makes good marketing sense! Contact [email protected] for details!

Publicize the event to your clientele well in advance.

Promote specials for the weekend in your e-newsletters to your customers and in other ads.


Add GSFF info to your advertising campaigns and to your friends on Facebook and other social networks. Please make sure you tag our pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so we can ‘LIKE’ and ‘SHARE’ mentions.

Put a GSFF poster in your window and have plenty of our promotional postcards on hand. Let us know and we will make sure you get some.

Attention restaurants:

Attendees need to be able to eat fast between screenings, so offer a special, film-friendly menu. Consider a film-themed menu to attract visitors.
Offer a pre-event dinner/film night.

Inside scoop – GSFF is known to bring in lots of celebrities.

You can get advance buzz to share on who’s who at this year’s festival by going to the website at www.gsff.org. We will be adding more and more VIPs all the time so check it often!

Contact filmmakers to arrange a reception in their honor before or after their film screens. This is a great way to attract more visitors to your business and to garner some press as well. GSFF will have a list with all of the films being shown and the filmmakers’ contact information by the end of January. Many look for a place to have a pre or after party for their screening but you have to reach out to them!

Make the filmmakers feel special. They spread the word and help create a huge buzz for Asbury Park that encourages people to come back at other times of year. You can recognize GSFF filmmakers by the badge they wear around their neck.

For more information or to ramp up the buzz, contact Diane Raver at [email protected] 877-908-7050

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